We provide full-service commercial
towing for vehicles of all types

About Us

We provide full-service commercial towing for vehicles of all types, and we specialize in difficult and delicate towing jobs such as damage-free transportation of difficult-to-tow and exotic driving machines, as well as winching and recovery.

You’ve found the home of TNT Towing and Salvage Disposal, one of Alberta’s most trusted towing firms with more than 49 years experience serving the area.

In 1974, J. Petri started TNT Towing by buying a one-ton ford with a blown motor. We rented a small Pacific 66 service station and remained at that location for 2 years.

TNT Towing moved to a much larger location with 5000 square feet in 1977. In the mean time, we acquired three more 1 tons and one single axle 5 ton.

We moved again in 1980 to another location purchasing 3 acres of land and a 7000 square foot building and again purchasing more 1 tons and tandem wreckers as well as a tractor-trailer unit. It was about this time that Ken Cannady joined the TNT team.

Today TNT Towing has grown to become a trusted name in Southern Alberta with the largest fleet of trucks south of Calgary, and a wide variety of equipment to service every need — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.